Anthony Dimun, CPA

CEO, Nascent Enterprise


Mr. Dimun has served as Chairman of Nascent Enterprises, LLC, a medical device venture investment & advisory firm since May 2001. Nascent provides strategic advisory services to numerous medical device businesses and portfolio companies. From March 1987 to May 2001, Mr. Dimun served as Executive Vice president & Chief Financial Officer of Vital Signs, Inc., a publicly held anesthesia, respiratory and sleep apnea medical device business building that medical device business from $3M in sales to $300M. The Company was ultimately sold to GE healthcare for $1 billion in 2008. During the last 20 years, he has been an investor and mentor to several emerging growth medical enterprises that have matured to commercial status and became publicly traded companies. Mr. Dimun has been an investor in 34 medical device companies of which four became publicly traded entities and sixteen had successful exits.

Mr. Dimun has been a director of several public companies, including, Vital Signs, Inc., Bionx Implants, Inc., Colorado MedTech Inc., Photomedix, ISS Surgical Systems and numerous privately held companies in the healthcare industry. Nascent Enterprises provides numerous universities and foundations with entrepreneurial assistance to commercialize their medical technology. Additionally, Mr. Dimun serves as a limited partner and medical industry advisor to a Private Equity firm and an investment bank and currently is a Board member for the Parvizi Surgical Innovation.

Mr. Dimun previously held positions as a Certified Public Accountant with national accounting firms and served as Senior VP for an international merchant banking firm specializing in mergers & acquisitions. He served in the US Airforce in Asia as well as air force bases in the USA.